Your Data Security
is Our Priority

Edge Impulse announces SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

Own your own data

Reference data from your cloud or on-premise environment. Upload to Edge Impulse to train the model, after which it will automatically be deleted. Any data in transit is secured using SSL/TLS.

Keep your data safe

All data is encrypted at rest. We use AES-256 encryption and rotate keys.

Reduce attack surface

We don’t use any third party software to run your models, removing unseen security vulnerabilities.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Use Single Sign-on to increase security and to streamline the authentication process for users.

Air gap for greater security

Our models run completely offline to keep your data safe and all data is anonymized (no personally identifiable information is used).

Admin management

Ensure security with granular access controls.

Customer security comes first

At Edge Impulse, customer security comes first. Want to learn more about our security compliance or discuss a project?

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