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The latest applications with industrial automation technology revolve around predictive maintenance and condition-
based monitoring.

Eliminate unplanned downtime

With sensors, manufacturers and companies are able to eliminate unplanned downtime by implementing AI-based device algorithms that ensure the health and safety for each machine in their fleet by detecting when and where equipment degradation is happening.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance includes functions like reducing downtime and breakdowns of machines by sensing abnormal vibrations, out-of-spec current draws, unusual torque in gears, and many other details that are often otherwise invisible and undetectable, causing inefficiencies or eventual machinery breakage.

Automated machine learning

Automation hardware i.e. PLCs are usually programmed in automation-specific coding languages; however, more and more manufacturers of automation equipment are coming up with new product lines which can run C++, leveraging that universal programming language for greatly increased flexibility. This is where everything starts for machine learning.

The creation and implementation of machine learning into industrial workflows is further supported by Edge Impulse’s simple-to-use platform, where everyone can develop and custom models.

Why does this matter?

Utilizing data at the origin

With these new tools and advancements, users no longer need the cloud to do data analytics; they can now utilize data at its origin, be it on the PLC or even possibly at the sensor level.

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Edge Impulse's machine learning tools can help you: speed the process of R&D, product development, and testing; remain flexible during silicon supply chain issues; allow everyone who is a subject matter expert to start working on ML models; provide solutions for longer useful lifetime of equipment and less spare parts.

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