Providing a runtime for the Edge Impulse models in the Axis network cameras, making it easy to use your models for surveillance or automation.

What is an Axis network camera? 

Axis Communications is the world leader in network connected cameras. They have hundreds of different network cameras ranging from indoor products to IK and IP rated outdoor cameras and explosion proof cameras. The cameras are powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and thus only require a single network cable with no separate power source. The cameras are available with everything from fisheye/wide to zoom lenses. The cameras run a custom version of Linux and have an application platform where users can easily install third party applications from a graphical user interface. We offer software products and implementation services for the Axis network cameras. With our Edge Impulse runtime application, you can easily run the models you have trained in Edge Impulse and use the output for metadata reporting or rule-based automation. 

How can I run my Edge Impulse model in it? 

We have three different offerings

1. Edge Impulse runtime application: Simply install the application and load your model. The runtime application takes care of preprocessing as it has been specified during training in Edge Impulse.

2. Edge Impulse application with custom modifications: If our standard application is not enough, we offer consultant services and can adapt or expand the application based on your needs. For example, we can add object tracking or custom allow/deny zones.

3. Edge Impulse runtime as an integration component in your own application: If you are building your own ACAP applications for the Axis cameras, our consultants can help you integrate the Edge Impulse model runtime in your own application. We are also offering education services if you want to get started as an application developer. 

How can I use the model output? 

The Edge Impulse runtime application is creating an Axis event in the camera’s event bus each time the model detects an object. These can then be exposed over RTSP, MQTT or used in the cameras rule-engine. The rule-engine can be configured from the user interface to e.g., start recordings to SD-card, send a video sequence to an HTTP endpoint or add text overlays to the video stream. These are only some of the actions available, contact us for more detailed information or refer to the Axis camera user manual.

Find out more! Head to our website to read more about us, go directly to our product page and check out our video Edge Impulse AutoML with Axis network cameras.



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