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Supercharge Edge AI with NVIDIA TAO on Edge Impulse

Get to the edge faster with pre-trained models from
NVIDIA on Edge Impulse

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End-to-end Integrated
Development for Edge AI

Get to market faster

Build efficient models faster by combining the power of transfer learning and the latest NVIDIA TAO models across the entire Edge Impulse ecosystem of devices, silicon, and sensors.

Work on any device, from MCUs to GPUs

Collect data, train and validate models, and optimize libraries to run on any edge device, from extremely low-power MCUs to efficient Linux CPU targets to any NVIDIA GPU or neural accelerator.

Fast track to enterprise-grade production

Start fast with 100+ NVIDIA-optimized model architectures, like transformers and fully attentional networks. Fine-tune the models with proprietary data, enabling a much faster development process.

Collaborate with ease

Enjoy an edge AI development environment built for enterprise-wide collaboration, that enables teams with diverse expertise to collaborate from anywhere in real-time.

Do more with less data

Efficiently collect data from any edge device and use Edge Impulse auto-labeling tools to increase data quality.

Optimize for edge devices

Profile the performance of your model on different hardware to find the optimal target given your use case and hardware constraints.

How to train NVIDIA TAO Toolkit
models in Edge Impulse

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Learn how to use the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit with Edge Impulse in production

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