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From SBC to IoT, maker to design engineer, we're here to help you at every stage of the product design cycle to design a better future.

OKdo Who?

OKdo is part of something bigger. We’re part of the RS Group. The RS Group is headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was founded in 1937 as Radiospares and floated in 1967. ​

Together with 8 other companies, we are a global omnichannel provider of product and service solutions for designers, builders and maintainers of industrial equipment and operations. We aim to provide an unrivalled choice of industrial and electronic products, solve problems with innovative solutions and deliver best-in-class customer service making it easy to do business with us.​

We’re focused on the world of SBC and IoT and we’re here to design a better world for everyone.​

From children taking their first steps on their STEAM journey to makers with ideas that could change the world, we’ve got the tools, and software to bring it to life. We have advanced supply chains that can support the industrial designers of the world too. We are here to help them innovate their way to new gains and efficiencies.  ​

We’re about lots more than just hardware. We exist to inspire, enable and blaze a trail with the latest solutions and ideas. Alongside the best range of products, we’ve got design and manufacturing support, rapid prototyping, a unique IoT cloud product platform and lots more. ​

As well as our own range of industry-leading products such as the ROCK range, we’re endorsed by well-established players like Nvidia, Arduino and micro:bit and Lego Education and we’ve teamed up with​ some of the world’s most influential​ tech companies, like Arm, NXP,​ Broadcom, Intel, SEEED and ​the Things Network as well​ as rising tech start-ups Laiier,​ Zerynth, Minut and Halo.​



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